After receiving a phone call about the bomb at Tribhuvan Airport

An unidentified person called the Tribhuvan International Airport saying that a suspicious object was kept there

The incident took place after someone called the airport number and said that there was a bomb in the internal terminal. An army team has been deployed at the airport and police and armed police have also been deployed.

All the passengers of the domestic flight have been evacuated from the main gate of the airport after receiving a call saying that there was a bomb at the airport. International flights continue but domestic flights are closed.

SSP Bhim Prasad Dhakal of the Tribhuvan Airport Office said that a search operation was launched at the airport by mobilizing an army bomb disposal team.

An unidentified person called this morning and said that there were 5 and 6 bombs in the domestic terminal.

At present, all the passengers have been taken out and security personnel including trained dogs are searching the airport. . A Nepal Army bomb disposal team has also reached the airport.

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