After the attack, Hark Sampang, the mayor of Dharan, called the police.

Dharan Municipality Mayor Hark Sampang has filed a complaint with the police against two people for toad breaking and insulting the carpet in his office. On Sunday, Sargash Sameti, the victim who was cheated by the cooperative organization, shouted slogans and ransacked the municipality. After starting vandalism at the time of Barta, after the Mayor asked me if he had kept the money, the victims started vandalism. Despite the vandalism, Sampang filed a complaint at the local police office in Dharan.

DSP Budh Shrestha of the local police office, the mayor has filed a complaint against Khagendra Nepali, the coordinator of Sarghash Sameti, and Pradeep Bastola, the spokesman. Hark Sampang said that this was a political attack and that he filed a complaint with the police because it was an attack against the local government and not just on one person. Saying that the co-operative has embezzled 8 billion, now Nisana is in trouble. Although the mayor said that he was on the side of the victim, the UMA said that Hark was at fault.

Mayor Hark Sampang called the budget made by him bad, tried to call him an independent mayor, tried to call the children he gave birth to as not my children, what did you try to do to the ODA president in the executive meeting by going against the decisions he made, the people. He has sent you to victory, he has told you to work responsibly. He told me to say that I have completed the work that I have undertaken, to stop working without meaning, to leave the habit of saying that what you have done is wrong, and to leave the habit of letting others do the work as well.

He said that the first number is improving the water source, protecting the water source, and the second number is making Dharan clean and beautiful. He said that the program is being carried forward to prevent the drug addiction by planting fruit plants everywhere so that the deer can be found in the forest. Sampang said that everyone should join hands to save the unnecessary expenses of the municipality and put that amount in a new place.

Hark Sampang became the mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan city after becoming an independent candidate. After he won, people asked him to cut him off when he walked alone, when he wore slippers, when he was walking. He said that he will continue to struggle until he cannot provide service facilities. Hark Sampang has said that he has not done anything, this should be the wife of the people living in Dharan. He said that he should congratulate himself on the day he fulfills his election promise to the people of Dharan.

He said that he is an ordinary person and that there should be a change in life, so for development, he said that he will advance his work from the simple work of breaking gravel and carrying stones to big work. Mayor Hark has sung a song for the sweet people in the interview itself. He said that if Mayor Hark Sampang searches for water sources, brings the people along with him to break stones and reach the water to the consumers, when everyone is together under the same label, the intimacy will also increase. He said that although he had to go to jail when he tried to bring out such information, now he can search for information about things he does not know.

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