After the birth of singer Balachandra Baral’s daughter

Popular singer Bal Chandra Baral, who has won the hearts of everyone from Dohori this time, has got a daughter. His family was happy. Meanwhile, Bal Chandra Baral is going to his home district Butwal. On his way to Butwal, he was met his fan at the airport.

Sobha Karki, the double champion of the singer who went to congratulate him, has also appeared in the media. Balachandra, who was married only last year.

Balachandra has expressed happiness in the media saying that he got his first child as Laxmi. Balachandra, who is also a singer who is in everyone heart, is very popular, especially for Indreni rehearsals. Most of the rehearsals he has sung are very hit. Congratulations to Balachandra Baral for having a daughter.

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