After the coronavirus spread monkeypix worldwide, one virus after another

After Korna shook the world, the world is in the grip of another deadly disease, starting from the United Kingdom to the United States, now a new variant MonkeyPix is ​​spreading.  The first case has been confirmed at Rajespux in the United States, where a person returning from Canada has been found to have monkeypox.  It is rarely spread among humans, originating from countries in West and Central Africa. People in the area have been exposed to wild animals.

Monkeypox is a contagious animal, found in 9 cases in the UK, 5 cases in Portugal and 1 case in the United States.  There are 1-1 patients in Italy and Switzerland.  According to health experts, the disease can cause fever, fatigue, flu, headache, swelling, red rash on the face and normal redness in the body.  Stains do come.  He says the disease is more likely to be spread through sexual contact with homosexuals.

After the outbreak of Kovid 19 Korna virus from Ohan, China, the world was affected. After the world adopted the health protection mechanism, Korna, which was gradually declining, started to come up with new variants one after another.  As the number of health care providers increased, they were requested to take special care of their health.  The fear of Omicron entering Nepal from India through Africa was growing.  The general public is worried that the new variant will not create the old situation as people are losing their jobs due to Korna and people are sitting at home forgetting their grief.

People were unemployed in the lockdown for the prevention of cornea, and as one problem after another began to grow in them, people began to go abroad for employment.  The incidence of crime is also increasing after the closure of children’s schools and employment.  A new variant of the coronavirus from South Africa was spotted on November 14, 2021.  Two African nationals tested positive, although they did not have significant health problems, and were monitored.  A new strain of the virus, named Omicron, has been found in South Africa. The virus is said to be faster and more deadly than other viruses.

Even in Nepal, it seems to be a matter of great concern to say how much it affects the common people.  People were urging people to take the cornea vaccine as a precautionary measure against health precautions. The immunocompromised virus was more likely to spread rapidly as it is a neutrin virus of covid, but scientists have confirmed that it spreads quickly, although it is not clear how much it could affect the area.  .  With the advent of new variants, experts say that research is still being done on how much older vaccines work.  He says it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

People are forced to come out and get sick, while some people are forced to come out and get sick.  Due to the change in the environment, the nation has been growing in a large area for some time.  Every year new viruses start appearing.  After the coronavirus began to recover somewhat, another virus appeared, and even now the country’s security forces are enforcing safety measures in all areas, which has prevented people from fully returning to their jobs.  They say that it will not have much effect

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