After the death of Jal Shah… | Yes, I am an American citizen EP-27 | JAL SHAH

Actress Jal Shah, who has been living in America for a decade and a half, visits her motherland from time to time. Meanwhile, actress Jal Shah, who came to Nepal 2 weeks ago, is giving interviews to various media during her stay in Nepal. During a television interview, actress Shah cried while showing her mother’s picture saying that she was orphaned.

Talking about her father for the first time, actress Shah said that her mother is everything to her and she said that she never told her to live together with her father for the sake of mother’s happiness. Stating that the writer Prama Shah wrote dozens of works and expressed her sorrows through stories and works, actress Shah said that she did not read her mother’s work but read it to her mother.

Accepting the request to choose only one of her daughter Kalash and mother Prema Shah, she chooses mother Prema. She says Prema Shah is everything to me. He cannot be compared to anyone else. Jal started her acting journey at the age of 13 with the religious film ‘Sriswasthani’, since then she has appeared in Avatar, Ishwar, Shankar, Ghumto, Thuldai, Nepali Babu, Ek Nomko Pakhe, Nata Blood Ko, Nepal Paro Chha, Buhari, Ashirwad, Badalpari, Yo Mayako Sagar,

She acted in more than 50 movies like Sanyas, Je Bho Bhoy Bho, Jetho Kanchho, Raju Raja Ram, Krodh and Labor. His last film Mazdar was released in 2006. After that, the actress who fled to America, Shah has been living in America with her husband and daughter. Watch the video

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