After the defeat of UML, Dr. Bhim Rawal is worried about the upcoming election.

In the program Power News, which airs from News 24 nepal, the presenter, Teknarayan Bhattarai, talks to Bhim Rawal, an influential leader of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN-UML), based on the local level vote volume and various issues currently going on.  The Communist Party of Nepal (UML), which became the first party in the 2074 election, said that it was saddened by the backlash in the second local level election due to the rift within the party.  Have told.  He said that Des Sirs leaders Deuba Oli Prachanda and Madhab Nepal should take a break and lead in the hands of the youth for the development of the country.

He said that since no one had spoken to him on the issue of candidature, he did not consider it appropriate to speak on the issue of Kesab establishment.  He said that the party had to face defeat due to many shortcomings and that it was time to rectify the situation.  He further added that after the people lost faith in the parties, Balen Sah, now an independent candidate, took an oath.  He said that the political parties should show special activism in moving forward by working for the betterment of the people.

Dr. Bhim Rawal has said that when the situation of the ten is deteriorating, when the youth like Balen Sah and the eight, visionary youth leave the party line and make the country independent, he said.  He said that the people are being deceived by saying that they are developing various services and facilities in the country.  The names of the leaders who are making the country hollow in the name of the country and the people have been mentioned in the list of corrupt leaders.  He said that the policy of the country has gone against the principles and no one has the right to make the nation hollow.

He has asked the leaders of the country, who think he is the nation, who is the prime minister, where the nationalism is shown by the leaders.  He said that the CIRS leaders could not agree on the split of the Communist Party of Nepal.  Ser Bahadur Deuba has said that it is not enough for him to be the Prime Minister.

He said that he would take initiative to bring the treacherous plan to Nepal to Nepal and not just to be the Prime Minister.  He said that it is necessary to be vigilant about what he has done and what kind of work he has done.  He said that even when the Mahakali treaty was signed, billions of rupees would come to Nepal and it would be reviewed in ten years, but where is the billions of rupees now?  He said that before any agreement is reached, an agreement is being reached by showing various temptations and then Nepal is being deceived.

Dr. Rawal said that even if he is alone, he will strongly oppose any wrongdoing, whether inside or outside his party.  He said that wearing black spectacles of patriotism, acts against the public interest to destroy the country, anyone who does so will be strongly opposed to it.  He said that the black shell of social service should be used to stop the activities of ordinary citizens and anti-nationals.  He has said that he will work in the service of the country even if he is out.

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