After the interview, the love between the journalist and the ghazal writer took the form of marriage

Model and journalist Pramila Karki and lyricist and ghazal writer Suresh Wagle have recently got married. The newlyweds have come to the media to exchange love with each other as soon as they get married. Pramila herself is a model as well as a journalist. A few months ago, Pramila had also interviewed Suresh. Thus, Pramila, who was bombarded with questions in the interview, has become Suresh’s wife today. The couple, who got married with love between the interviewer and the interviewer, are really happy with the beginning of a new life.

Suresh says that his friends teased him saying that he would go for an interview and get married. In a melodious song sung by singers Anju Pant and Manoj Raj Shivakoti, the married couple has acted vigorously. The song, which was composed about 15 years ago, was recently recorded. At that time Anju and Manoj were together. Therefore, Suresh says that he recorded this song by requesting Manoj and Anju. In fact, she says she is not frozen in the music industry to become a model. He says that it was a coincidence that the song composed 15 years ago was not released.
The love affair between Suresh and Pramila has turned into a marriage. But Pramila says many have questioned whether the couple hid their love affair. Pramila and Suresh had been good friends for many years. Sharing things with each other, telling the day’s work was going on. He says that the quality of a good friend should be in a relationship with his friend.

Pramila remembers that there was so much talk between them about 3 months before they got married. Suresh says that we have been talking for so many years that he has not been able to find our love. Pramila, on the other hand, said that she might not have benefited. Then Pramila thought a lot about it. After Suresh asked the question for the third time, he said that they are in love and formal love has started.

He says that even after getting married, the couple behaves as before. He says that they are talking as friends. Before the marriage, the couple used to talk only through social media and phone. After marriage, Pramila feels that her love for each other has increased as she is together. Suresh has been living in the US for some time and he is returning to the US. Suresh says he will come later to pick up his wife, Pramila.

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