After the machine placed the chemicals, the garbage was covered with plastic

Tripal has covered the garbage piled up by the Kathmandu Metropolitan Corporation at the transfer station at Teku by pouring organic liquid into it. Due to the current situation of not being able to take garbage to Banchare Dada due to rains, the garbage kept in the contract has been covered with chemicals. As the road is damaged and the garbage collected in Kathmandu cannot be taken away, it has been covered for some time, which will reduce the impact on the locals.

Since the inactivated bacteria do not cause any inconvenience to the people, it has been said that the work has been done in such a way that the common people will not face any problem due to garbage. Mayor Balen Sah has taken immediate action to manage the waste of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, to produce gas from waste in the long run, to use the leftovers as manure, to bring new state-of-the-art machines from Japan to treat gas and manure in Nepal. He said that steps have been taken for this. He said that this work will start in some time as he will work without giving any assurance.

“As non-organic manure is essential for maintaining the fertility of the soil, we will be able to take advantage of the waste that we have not been able to manage in the future,” he said. According to Balen, it is raining now and there is a problem with the road. Although the driver of the vehicle did not allow Balen Sah to work for the people of the political party, he said that he believed that he would play a special role for the protection of the rights and interests of the Nepali people.

Since it is not possible to stop anywhere by carrying a garbage truck, he said that he would be very comfortable if he was made comfortable on this road soon. With the removal of most of the garbage in Sisidol, Kathmandu, there is a growing desire for people to do something about Balen, which plays an important role in changing society. According to Raj Kumar Neupane, Aheb of the health post, the road is getting new, he said, adding that he hopes to get service facility later as the road is getting muddy and he has to fight even if he has to walk on foot. He said that he has to walk for hours to reach the office.

Even if the garbage is piled in one place outside, the stench will spread to many places, adding the chemical to remove the stench, and the garbage will be buried after ten days. He said that he has implemented the task given by the Council of Ministers as soon as possible and the work has been taken forward. He said that any citizen of Kathmandu should start from himself to get out of dirty air and dirty talk.

Balen Sah, who has shown commitment to manage the garbage of Kathmandu, has been working tirelessly day and night to collect the garbage that has not been collected for 17 days. After months of garbage piled up in the streets, the people of Kathmandu have come to believe that Balen Sah will do something. Every day, from the Parliament to the House, various people have been meeting and responding to the good work, and one work after another has been discussed.

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