After the marriage, Puskal Sharma said this in the media

Famous singer and model Puskal Sharma, who has created a distinct identity in the field of Nepali song and music, is an artist who has received attention from the country and abroad in the field of artistry. Sarma, who has not brought his talent to the market for some time, has now brought it to the market with his husband and wife in a new music video. Sarma, who did not bring out the news of his marriage for 20 months, has now become public with a music video.

Many people have told him that instead of why he kept his wife hidden, the fact that he got married is not something that should be told to others, and that it is a relationship to get support for living life. If someone asks, he will tell about the marriage, he said that he does not think that the media should come to other places and publicize the marriage. He has said that he thinks it is appropriate to post pictures on social media and spread the word. Puskal says that since he is married, my wife only knew me for a week before the marriage, he said that we were not in love before.

He introduced himself in a funny way saying that he has not made any plans to have a child and that his wife is in Palpa and he is in Kathmandu and he has to live together to have a son and daughter. Both the couple acted in Puskal’s “Sriman Smti” song. In it, he said that it was just an act when it came out that he was dead and it would be better if his wife’s vermilion was left untouched. Earlier, Puskal used to act with Sarika, the audience always responded that why did he act with another actor, why would it have been better? .

He said that when he saw his wife in a white dress during the performance, I was a director at that time, so I only looked at whether the performance was right and did not look at her face. If you look at the end of the video, this is what is going to happen, and at the end of the video, it is shown that he did not die, but that he recovered from his illness and returned to Ggar. He said that his wife is not in the field of artistry but a government job in agriculture JTA. When asked why Puskal always plays only dead videos, he said that he acts as per the story. In the story, he asked for an apple, but we can’t do it by showing him an orange, he said that the same thing happened in the song.

Sarma has said that I am emotional and cannot see the pain of others, and I am also happy to have fun with my friends, and because I was born in a village, I understand what is pain and what is pain, so I write emotional songs. It has been said that such a person comes to write an essay on grief, who is born in a village, grew up in a village, and who has struggled with pain and suffering. Puskal said that his eyes are weak due to crying a lot. He said that when he saw a person in pain, what would he eat or what would he do, and sometimes he cried thinking about what kind of country he was born in and what kind of country he grew up in.

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