After the shooting scene of the movie A Mero Hazur 4 leaked

A scene of actor Anmol KC falling ill has gone viral on social media. The video is viral, especially on Tiktok. Producer Sunil Kumar Thapa has been shocked after the video leaked during the filming of the movie ‘A Mero Hazur 4’ was leaked.

Filmmakers have been forced to shoot in public places because they do not have their own studios. The main thing of the film is that the producer has to bear the loss after it went viral even before the production was completed. A few weeks ago, while filming in front of Singha Durbar. The scene also went viral. That scene between hero Anmol KC and heroine Suhana Thapa can now be seen on Tiktok. Currently, the climax and pre-climax scenes of the film are being screened in various hospitals in Kathmandu. But the producers failed to hide the filming scene. The climax scene of the movie at Grandi Hospital has now gone viral on Twitter.

The scene after the protagonist Anmol KC fell ill has gone viral. The producer had assigned a dozen and a half technicians to prevent the video from being leaked. However, he did not know who made it viral. Now the banner of the waterfall is building A Mero Hazur 4. For that, the group has reached Foksundo Lake. The hard work done for filming the title song is also commendable. The necessary materials for filming the movie have been carried by horses and mules and the actors have also reached there on foot. The atmosphere there is very cold and windy.

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