After the victory, Dr. Tosima Karki appeared in the media for the first time

Doctor Tosima Karki, who became a candidate from the National Independent Party in Lalitpur Region No. 3, said that she got the responsibility after winning. According to the public vote results on Wednesday morning, Karki got 17 thousand 326 votes. His nearest competitor, CPN-UML candidate Amrit Khadka got 8 thousand 996 votes. Pampha Bhusal of Maoist Center, who became a candidate in the same area, got 6 thousand 34 votes.

After the victory, Karki said that although the victory has begun, the work remains to be done. She has thanked the party leaders who have been ruling in Lalitpur for many years, for trusting the rising youth and giving them their precious votes to make them win. He warned us that in the next five years, we will continue to work together for the benefit of the country and the people. Tosima has said that your love and trust will never waver.

Dr. who is a candidate for the House of Representatives in Lalitpur Region No. 3 from the National Independent Party. Despite the second attempt to cancel Tosima Karki’s candidacy, the decision of the Supreme Court has upheld her candidacy. Even though the Election Commission tried twice to cancel the candidacy, the Supreme Court has given an interim order that his candidacy will remain. After the Election Commission canceled her candidature, Tosima appealed to the Supreme Court.

While the Election Commission has washed its hands of canceling the candidacy of Tosima Karki, the Supreme Court has supported it. After the Election Commission rejected Tosima’s candidacy, the Supreme Court overturned the Election Commission’s decision, but Tosima Karki first came as an independent, but later joined the National Independent Party, she said. She has said that the people are in charge of disrupting the parliament because the election commission once made a decision to disqualify the candidate.

She has said that because of the journeys she has taken along with various sufferings and hardships, she will continue her efforts to solve the problems of common citizens. Karki applied to the commission on August 28 for Nirkyaul for that post as she would receive only an allowance from the Medical Council. Karki approached the Supreme Court saying that the commission had done injustice by rejecting the candidature based on the complaint against her without hearing the petition. The Supreme Court had given an interim order to maintain the candidacy on the grounds that the member of the Nepal Medical Council was receiving meeting allowance. On October 15, a single bench of Justice Kumar Chudal passed an interim order upholding Karki’s candidature.

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