After the viral Riya Khadka’s secret marriage with Shyam

Viral Riya Khadka, who has made her separate identity from the field of Nepali Coke Dohori, has secretly married Shyam. Shyam said that since they got married after a fight, when a phone message came on their mobile, they used to fight. The couple, who tied the knot two months ago, are continuing to move forward with success. Man’s life is to imitate the life of others, to entertain others, so he says that he is always on his journey.

Shyam Chhetri and Riya Khadka, who have been working together for a long time, also talk about their marriage as they work together. According to the thinking of the people, their feelings are also presented in different ways, which is why Maab is trying to add a different kind of encouragement to anything in life. He said that since the two husbands were seen in the role of wife in the serial, they were having a fight.

Riya’s mother said that she was saddened by her daughter’s activities as her daughter ran away and went to another place. She said that she did not like the fact that her daughter-in-law was making tiktok together. Although they are brothers and sisters, playing the role of husband and wife in the serial, from Sanjibani a year ago, every episode has come to the market, she said. As 2.2 million viewers liked the first serial, Shyam said that they are preparing to bring two parts of it to the market. He said that his usual efforts will be to entertain the audience.

He said that since they are appearing in the Tiktok serial as they are old and their acting is liked by the audience, they are also working accordingly. He said that some people did not believe him even though they had massaged him saying that he was married. She says that because they have a brother-sister relationship, it doesn’t affect them. After Junkiri was stopped for some time, everyone started commenting on why it was stopped.

Riya has said that she has been married three times so far and that she still has a long way to go in her life. He said that since he is involved in the field of art, he will always focus on entertaining the audience. “Working together will make things easier for us, and it will also give us success in what people are going to do in life,” she said. “Every human being struggles in life, even if he has to face many kinds of hardships, but later on, as the new passion of life comes, they are constantly working,” she said.

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