After the whole village was swept away by the flood and landslide, people have to live in forest

Sometimes in life, more than twice as much as one can imagine, the emergency comes suddenly, which brings unexpected changes in a person’s life. The people of Salyan Kapurkot village are now in trouble due to the calamity.   The beautiful houses in the village and some land owned with the money in the hot summer in another country to earn their livelihood, a storm suddenly comes into the life of a person and shatters all dreams in an instant.

The sudden change in the weather has caused a lot of damage. Even though the parents who ruled for 50 years swept away all the places including animals, people managed to save their lives. Hem Maya Foundation, Isa Foundation, and the team of Laliguras Daily including Tika Sanu went to the scene and helped with the relief raised by Indreni. He said that the local people there never imagined that the village would be destroyed and now they are living in the forest.

Locals have said that even though they did not suffer from the problem of floods and landslides before, now in the name of development, the forest has been destroyed which might have led to floods and landslides. Beg Bahadur’s family, who were sleeping, this time the rain created a situation of crisis that will not disappear for the rest of their lives. He complains that the situation of having to leave the house that he built with sorrow after taking debt from another has added to his pain throughout his life.

A landslide has occurred with such a loud noise that it has destroyed the village, all the land including millet and pulses planted in the fields in front of the house has been merged into the soil at once, there is no condition to enter the house, where are you going to live now?’, he said, ‘There is no basis for earning He has not yet been able to pay the debt of the house that he had barely built, and the same house became uninhabitable due to the landslide. Since the same house that he owns is at risk of landslides, he has neither hunger during the day nor sleeps at night. He has been living in the neighbor’s house in the evening, looking at the house he built with pain and the field taken away by the landslide all day long.

He has requested the relevant authorities to arrange accommodation by shifting the settlement to a safe place. “Unexpected calamity has hit the village, I can’t sleep all night, every time only the sound of that day’s landslide keeps ringing in my ears. Currently, we are living in the neighbor’s house to save our lives, we have no idea how long we will live like this,” he said. Due to daily landslides, the risk of landslides spreading to nearby settlements seems to increase.

After school started, she is now taking shelter with her family at a neighbor’s house. She says that despite the risk, she eats dinner at her home and sleeps at her neighbor’s house at night. Various agricultural crops were grown well on the land which was being used since ancient times. Because of this, his family’s livelihood continued to be miserable. Soti says that landslides have caused damage to the extent that the target is now unrecognizable.

Chairman Saru says that if the victims have problems with food and living, they will provide the necessary support, and if there is a situation where the municipality cannot afford alternative accommodation, they will request support through the state and federal governments. Since there are no settlements directly below the place where the landslide occurred, there was no human damage. In the landslide-affected area, the locals have been planting agricultural crops such as corn, millet, and pulses since ancient times.




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