After watching Nalapani, Ramit was angry saying that the politics of the movie affected it

The movie ‘Nalapani’ directed by Ramit Adhikari has been released on Friday, Kartik 4th. The historical movie shows the contributions and sacrifices made by the ancestors who never bowed down to the country and Nepali citizens.  Actor Ramit Dhungana has become angry when the politics in the film industry did not support the historical film.

He said that not everyone is willing to make a historical film and sometimes even if someone is struggling, the immoral politics in the country will have a big impact.  This movie has also given a message to the people who have forgotten their identity as Nepalese, Nepalese, to choose a new path.
 Nalapani movie explores Nepali identity and Nepali history and explains the meaning of living as a Nepali, so every Nepali should go to the theater and watch the movie.  People are now working for their own limited interests by forgetting the way in this environment.  Since a lot of research and history is needed to make a historical film, not all directors and producers are wise.  In the situation where even the great nations have been enslaved, the Nepali people are shown in this movie when they fight with the enemy with spears.
Nalapani also got a good show in the theaters, the movie is based on the historical battle of the Nepalese army led by Veer Balabhadra Kunwar in the 1814 Nepal-British war at Nalapani Gadhi and is produced under the banner of Ramit Adhikari Film Production, Veer Gorkhali Films, Ganga Narayan Film Production, and BG Entertainment.  is  The movie stars Santosh Pant, Bhatsak Khanal, Arjun Jung Shahi, Vishal Pahari, Pujana Pradhan, Geeta Adhikari, Vishal Shrestha, Sushil Khadka and others.  The trailer has made the audience excited about the movie.

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