After watching the video of the parents on YouTube, the son returned home

I had a son but where did he go? If he was alive, he would have come back, but when he did not come back, his father and mother cried saying that there was no hope. But after the video became public, their son came home. Now her father is very happy. Not my son, now my God is back. Mother was paralyzed and could not walk. His father, who was in the service of his wife, also looked very unhealthy.
There is no support in the family now. I have been taking care of my wife. He had a son. But he had been out of contact for two years. The parents were very worried after the only son lost contact. Mother was unable to walk. The father was also seen in the video in an unhealthy condition. Their son Ajay Gurung returned home. Now that the son is home, the family is happy.

The old father is happy with his mother. He said he was not out of touch. That’s what happened when Ajay told me to come, he said, I came back after watching the video. He left home because he was in the wrong company. When he left home, he fell in love with someone. The boy was also a friend. Love is not successful. Mother can’t even walk on her own.

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