After years of meeting Dilip, Niruta eyes filled with tears

Dilip Rayamajhi and Niruta Singh are a very popular couple. He is famous for his film Darpan Chhaya.The audience liked this couple in their film very much. After that, their pair appeared in many films.

The couple was so loved by the audience that it was a turning point in their lives. The actress Niruta has admitted this herself. The mirror shadow brought a new turn in our lives. “That was the turning point in our lives,” she said in an interview.He says that the name that everyone remembers in the history of Nepali cinema is Darpan Chhaya. She has also revealed the secret of her beauty.

She said that those who have positive thoughts in their minds will always be beautiful. Meanwhile, Dilip said, I have not met anyone who sees you as bad. But Niruta had said that if he met Dilip, he would abuse him now. I abuse She said she was angry when she saw Dilip not maintaining herself. I am saddened to see that a person who dances and performs so well has not maintained himself. He also reminded that when Dilip went home, others used to tease him about his wife’s tweet on the set of Niruta.

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