AIR CRASH INVESTIGATION 2021 | US-Bangla Airlines Flight 211

The US Bangla Airlines had crashed in Kathmandu on March 11, 2008. A committee of inquiry was formed to look into the matter. The Commission of Inquiry with the participation of Nepali and international investigators had submitted its investigation report in 2075 BS. In fact, National Geographic has produced a document about what happened at the time of the accident. The investigation committee has shown the pilot the main cause of the accident.

The plane, which was flying from Dhaka to Kathmandu, had crashed at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu while landing. The documentary shows that the accident in which 51 people died was caused by the careless pilot. “It simply came to our notice then.

According to the report, the pilot left the runway alignment during the landing and the accident occurred when he did not take precaution at that time.

Investigators were investigating whether the engine was the cause of the accident. But the condition of the ship was maintained as per the rules and everything was in good condition. However, there is a serious problem in the crew team. Such a fact has been found from the voice record received.

Pilot Avid Sultan even smoked a cigarette inside the cockpit. According to experts, smoking in the cockpit is more dangerous. Since the pilot did not pay attention to even such a small thing, it is clear that he is mentally disturbed. Researchers have suggested that he may have done so out of sheer stress.

From the beginning, there was no proper communication between the members of the flight crew. It can be seen in the video that communication was not good even when the plane could not take the right direction and direction.
Although the pilot passed the annual medical examination based on the facts and evidence obtained, he showed emotionally disturbed behavior during the flight that day. That is why the last time the captain could not facilitate the situation and eventually the ship crashed.

On March 12, 2018, the airline’s Bombardier DHC series flight number BS 211 took off from Dhaka Airport. The pilot of the ship, which entered Nepal via Indian skies, heard a tense voice during a conversation with the ATC in Dhaka. Such a sound is heard in the CVR record of the ship.

ATC gave the approach after contact with Kathmandu Airport. After giving the approach, he also instructed to hold above 13,000 feet. The ATC then reduced the speed again to 12,000 feet. Then it went up 15,000 feet again and cleared for VOR approach to Runway 02.

At the same time, the flight crew did not follow the instructions. After that, the ship remained in hold and went higher. Leaving the 02 given by the tower, the ship took the approach of 20. At that point, the ATC asked again where the pilot would land at 20. The ship changed direction so much that he could not find the meso.

The research team also studied the pilot’s background where he was considered a good pilot. He had also gained a lot of experience. However, he was given medical treatment due to mental problems, according to his profile.

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