Albert Einstein’s E=mc2, its uses

The name of Albert Einstein is a name we all know. As soon as one hears this name, one is
reminded of the principles of e=mc2, general relativity theory and space times.
It was his theory that caused a stir in the world of physics. It was Einstein who discovered
gravity. Most scientists, when they have to formulate a theory, first experiment and then
formulate a theory but Einstein was a completely different scientist he already wrote theories
and then only experimented.

In today’s series, we will discuss the rendering of this principle.

Everything on earth has its own motion. It was only after Sir Isaac Newton gave a definite
definition of motion 300 years ago that the general public became interested in it. According to
his theory, the force exerted on an object can be used to increase or decrease the speed of an
object. The measurement of motion depends on the position of the object. Speed ​​can be
measured when a person is stationary, or even on a moving train. Speed ​​tends to be relative, not
absolute. Seen from the sky, the earth seems to be moving. Seen from the earth, the sun looks
stable. But if you look at the galaxy, the sun is orbiting the Milky Way. Only in the 17th century
did the first theory of relativity appear in physics.
This classical theory of relativity, which dates back to Newton’s time, was challenged in the 19th
century. When the scientist Max Well’s theory was used, it was discovered that it was not
relative but absolute. Its value is constant and that is the speed of light. Scientists Michelson and
Morley have confirmed that the speed of light does not depend on any medium.
The steady speed of light stirred Einstein’s mind. He was a man who, in the beginning,
formulated a theory, and the theory was applied by scientists. As he began to think about what
happens when he travels at the speed of light, he discovered that nature does not allow its
fundamental laws to be broken, but to maintain them. He discovered that part of this fundamental
law of nature is the speed of light, which is 300,000 kilometers per second. According to
Einstein, this fundamental law of nature changes space and time to keep the speed of light
According to Einstein, every place, time and space in the universe changes according to
circumstances. This concept of Einstein gave birth to the theory of time travel. But his theory has
not yet been confirmed. It was his concept and thinking that gave birth to the Ecoil to MC Square
theory. Which means that the mass of any object i.e. mass can be converted into energy. Energy
can also be converted into mass or mass. If the mass of any object is increased, its speed will also
increase. Scientists built the atomic bomb on the basis of this principle. The bomb destroyed
cities such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This incident made Einstein very sad about his theory.

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