Alif Khan, a famous singer and a social worker

Nowadays, Alif khanal is being viral in the social media.He is a singer and also active in social activities as a young social worker. 

In this interview two people are called as a guest. One is our famous Alif khan and the other is Sharada Laxmi. Sharada has recently come back to Nepal during this corona period. She is a great fan of singer Alif Khan and had a strong desire to meet with him. She said that she is lucky enough to get this opportunity and now she is very happy.

She came to Nepal from the USA as she had lost her husband 1 years before at the age of 70 because of the Coronavirus. She added her husband was also a patient of Blood pressure, diabetes and consumes a lot of alcohol. She was also a child artist in the Nepali Cine industry during her childhood period. She played in different movies of that period which includes “feri itihas dohorinchaa”, “Anurag”, “Tuwale dhakeko basti” and many more. 

When the interviewer asks the reason behind the attraction and zeal to meet Alif, Sharada replies as she was attracted by the Alif songs, his innocent, kind and humble nature, heart touching personality and the way of speaking. She sees the face of his son in Alif . She also added saying she most of the time scrolled Youtube in search of Alif Khan news and his new song when she was in the USA. She already told her colleagues that when she returns back to Nepal she will definitely meet Alif once. And when she returned back to Nepal, she sent a letter to Laliguras.Com and sent the request to help her to meet with Alif.

When the interviewer Kamal tells Alif about the Sharada and her strong zeal to meet him, he was in immense happiness at that period because of that mother’s love towards him. 

And the team of Laliguras along with Alif went to Sharada house. 

She lives in New York city in the USA and her one son is also in the USA for study purposes and other two sons are in Nepal. She enjoyed viewing the Nepali entertainment industry while she was in the USA. She has been a tenor in the “Maila prachichey kendra” since 2034 B.S. 

She was also involved in vocational training of women during her youth period. She also says that she wants to keep Alif at her home as a son. She is a devotee of Sai Baba and always does Bhajan and Kritan in his name during Monday and Thursday. She also participated in different social activities as a social worker while she was in Nepal. 

She said that she had suffered a lot because of her husband’s behaviour, as he drank alcohol and had fallen in the wrong direction. But with time, Sharda manages all the things and becomes successful to bring her husband on the right path. She first time visited America in 2001 as a tourist and had returned back to Nepal after six months and her second visit to America was in 2004. She did a lot of hard work

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