Aliza in Hot Avatar: Watching Dhamala, great entry with new hero

There are new faces in Nepali film world. Nepali artists are no less than anyone. Nepali artists are not only limited to Nepal but also famous in the country and abroad.  Offer is coming. New faces are often seen in art. The important contribution of artists has saved the industry. Artists are presenting their art by establishing their identity by struggling a lot in life.  Artists are the jewels of the nation.

The wife of famous Nepali journalist Rishi Dhamala is also a famous model. She has set a new dimension by playing music videos and movies.  Becoming a model. Eliza, who is pursuing her future in the field of modeling, appeared on the show as a hot avatar. She has a lot of people who love acting.  The talent of the artist is considered a suitable one.

Kunsang is another actor who is going to be presented as a hero with Elijah. He had earlier made his debut in Nepali movies. Kunsang and Eliza are seen for the first time.  She says that she has a great hobby of acting. She has not been seen in a movie for a long time after acting in a movie. She says that she got the love of a good audience in the first movie.

She says that she got a lot of love from the first movie Anurag and now she can see it in the movie too. She says that she has learned a lot from the music video. She says that she works in any field only after getting inspiration from her family.  Elijah, who did not reveal what character he would appear in the movie, said that he would act in the movie if he liked the story.

After listening to the story, she says that she will show her full potential. Elijah, who considers Mr. Dhamala as her mentor, says that she has learned everything from him.  The couple’s arrival was a surprise. Elijah, who appeared in the hot show, said that she agreed after being touched by the story.

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