Amazing discoveries scientist can’t explain

People always wonder about the amazing discoveries and the facts. Among them, scientists are the major ones who are always eager to discover new facts and events. So, whenever they see new things, they start to investigate it and try to gain new knowledge and facts from it. They give their heart, mind and soul to know facts of the new objects. But sometimes unfortunate things hit them so badly that even they try hard and apply all the best ways and give their all focus but cannot find the real and actual fact about some things. In this video, we can learn about those things from which even the scientists don’t become successful to find the actual and satisfying results. 

The first one is Mysterious stone. It is safely put inside the Cent pitambar museum and still many discoveries are made in it by different scientists. On this stone, something is written but it is still unclear about the real fact inside the letters written above it. Scientist says that it can be used by the Russian people for the measurement of distance between the two different places of Russia in the 17 to 18 century, but the common peoples stands against the fact saying that, at that period all the houses were made from woods and there is no chance of using such stone for any measurement.

Second one is the Hunger stone. It is found in Khichiya near the side of Alva river. On that stone it is written that “if you can study me, then start to cry”. Same type of stone has also been found in Bessin city and it is said that it is  the stone of 1417 AD and at that period who could write such a thing and why he is saying soo is still mysterious till the date.

Third one is Rabbit Warren which was found in England. In the 11th century, they were kept inside the mound of soil. And scientists say that they were kept inside the mound of soil for their safety because at that period there was no trend of making houses for rabbits. And these rabbits are used to eat as a food and their fur are used to make the clothes which were used to wear by the the Royal families of England.

Fourth mysterious is Whale rocks which were found in Thailand. Three whale rocks are found in Khok Kong, Mueang Bueng Kan and are similar to the whale in structure and are very big in size. And the amazing thing is that there are no other rocks near the whale rocks and scientists are still confused about where these three big rocks had come from in the middle of the forest.

Fifth one is Mysterious coffin. It was found in Egypt and scientists said that it is the coffin of Shahi queen which is about 3000 years old. In Egypt when the human dies, the outer structure of coffin is decorated in a very attractive way, different paintings are made outside it and also written the information of that person, i.e. about his/her name, who is his/her family, by which disease he/ she die, what work he/she has done in his life  and many more so that, it will be easy in future to recognize the coffin. But in the coffin of that queen, it is painted from the inner part as well, in which it is said what type of structure will take place by the dead body in the future days and this coffin is still mysterious whether it is the coffin of shahi queen or the fact is different from it.

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