Amazing love for the dog | Alina Baskota

Anita Baskota, 27, may be an inspiration to many young people. Alina is a Lalitpur native. She has a lot of talent. She can speak in both a child’s and an elderly person’s voice. She is a dog lover to the core. Many people have farms with hens, ducks, and other animals, but she has created a farm with dogs.


Not only that, but she’s also a performer. She has appeared in nearly eight films and is now filming her ninth. She’s also appeared in a number of south Indian item songs. She is well-known not only in Nepal, but also in South India. In a south film, there are many different types of heroine. Manisha Koirala has also been in a South film, although she claims that Manisha and her South were not the same. In Maliyalam, she acted, but Koirala did not.

She is distinct from other actors. She also works as a farmer after performing. She self-identifies as a farmer. She claims she isn’t a big fan of make-up. She like to keep things simple in everyday life.

Her property is home to a variety of dog breeds. She even sells them to those who share her passion for dogs. Dogs are loyal, and as pack animals, they respond to the presence of a leader – you! she stated. Dogs will go out of their way to please you in any way they can. When you’re down, your dog will stay by your side, quietly soothing you. Your dog will bounce around you and share your delight when you’re pleased and enthusiastic.

The family dog is as much a part of  life in a home as any other human member. They participate in many of our local outdoor events as well as our inside ones, but that’s not all. Even when the family is not there, dogs play an important role in their lives. They can easily accompany us in automobiles to destinations ranging from a park to a family holiday, said Baskota.

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