Amazing singers like Bishnu Majhi who have been missing for 15 years were found.

Dinesh Gautam is a very melodious singer. His songs are very catchy. He not only sings but also composes words and composes music. In the past, the song “Who made his money” was very popular.

The song starring Keki Adhikari is also a video of the early days of Keki’s acting career. The song that tried to show the impact of money on the society became Dinesh’s identity. Even now, there are many people who know Dinesh as the singer who made the money.

After that, he stayed away from the music industry. Although some of his songs came in between during his stay abroad, he did not make much money in the media. Even those who heard who made the money did not know Dinesh by face.

When the song he sang came back to Mayalu Bazaar, he came to the media again through Shishir Bhandari’s new News Nepal. Her new song Chari has just hit the market. The song has his own voice and music and lyrics by Prakash Sapkota. He said this when Shishir called him a missing singer like Bishnu Majhi.

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