Amazing village in the middle of Koshi river

There is a small village in the middle of the river flowing on both sides. In which district does this village belong? This is still confusing. The problem is in this village, which is sometimes harassed by wild animals and sometimes frightened by wild animals. Sometimes the people here feel that they are not Nepali. After all, why do they think so? Let’s find out about the condition and reality of this settlement.

Chatara Bazaar, considered to be the oldest in Itahari, is located on the banks of the Koshi River. A very fun and famous Jagat Guru Ashram is also located here. There is also a big Aquarius fair in Nepal. This is the way to reach the island formed by the river Koshi i.e. the island of Sri Lanka.

The island of Sri Lanka can also be reached from Sisauli Ghat. Even after crossing the river with the help of a boat, it takes a long walk to reach the island of Sri Lanka. The village is located in a very dry and barren land. Where electricity is not available, education, health, transportation is deprived of this settlement. Although it has been a settlement for many years, it is a backward village in terms of development. The houses of the whole village are covered with straw. From time to time, elephants come and destroy houses and eat food.

There are Brahmin, Chhetri, Rai, Limbu and other castes living in this village. It is difficult to go to school as the river is flooded during the rainy season. After completing primary education in the village, students from here reach Udaipur, Sunsari for secondary level studies. There is still no electricity in this area inhabited by Nepali nationals. There is a power line in the village but it is not known when the power will come. He says that the political leaders have shown a lot of hope but have not acted. Thousands of citizens in the area are facing many such problems.

The wise fisherman is one of the oldest inhabitants of the island. He has been living here since 2025 BS. He says that in 2041 BS, Koshi Katan flooded the land. He says that the village, which is situated between two branches, does not even have much-needed services. Considered to be the border of Udaipur and Sunsari, the Barah area of ​​Sunsari has been taken over by the municipality. You have to go outside the village to get everything from rations. In this case, the boat trip is very risky. According to the wise fisherman, it takes only one hour to reach this village from Koshi by name and half an hour to walk in Bagar. It takes at least 3 hours to reach the concrete bridge from the village to Chatara. Alternatively, they take a risky 1-hour boat ride.

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