Amrit and Kamala’s new song Dhangadi ko bus ma part 2 is coming this Tihar

Kamala Ghimire and Amrit Sapkota, who have created a distinct identity in the field of Nepali folk-song, after getting immense love from 1 on the dhangadi ko bus ma, informed that this year they are coming with part two on Dhangadhi ko bus ma as Tihar Koseli.  Amrit and Kamala, who have been getting success in one project after another, have said that they will release part two soon.

 Amrit said that now the artist of the old song has also changed in part two. He said that the singer in part one has changed and Supreme Mall has joined the singer.  Amrit said that now they will be able to see the role of brother and sister.  Although the music video was shot at Kamala’s house in part one, it is said that part two will be shot in Amrit’s village.
The songs of Amrit Sapkota, who went viral by singing double songs, are now getting a lot of markets, the songs he has sung are very popular now.  After the song on the bus of Dhangadhi has heated up the market a lot, the preparations for the second part have been done in a great way.  People have to work hard to get into the market.
The struggle is an important part of people.  People who have embraced music in their lives and moved forward, even though they struggle a lot in life, the problem of not getting into the market is still there.  Many Kalakars once got a lot of markets and later went away. People decided a new journey in their life through the organizations they took.  This couple, who sings sweetly by putting the thoughts in their hearts into a rhythm, says that they are now preparing for new work.
The work done in life is a history for anyone.  His heroic steps have established a new dimension in people’s lives. Amrit complains that he has not been able to perform on the stage in the country and abroad before.  Kamala Ghimire, a singer who progressed a lot at a young age, recently started appearing in music videos after her voice started to change. Recently, Ghimire, who has been busy in live dohori-recordings, has been playing an active role.  She kept it.

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