Amrita’s superb voice while cutting grass in the field, Amrita gaire

Amrita Gary, born in Sunaul 11 ​​Pragatipath Tol of Nawalparasi district, collects firewood in the village and sings sweet songs even without learning music.  Amrita, who has four siblings, has a small house of six members.  Amrita, who is living her life in the village, is very interested in music.  Amrita, who is the abode of Goddess Saraswati, sings sweet songs.  Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Working in the fields, Amrita, who sings modern folk songs, loves the field of art and works in the village house.  Amrita, who once participated in Nepal Idol, says that she could not move forward.  After participating in Nepal Idol, Amrita failed to say that she did not have the ability to sing like now.  Different kinds of pleasures and sorrows are coming in human life.

People on the outskirts of the city do not seem to be very successful in the field of their choice, even if they exert their full potential, but the talents hidden in the village house, by collecting firewood, have developed a wonderful potential in themselves.  Some people have killed thousands of dreams in their minds without having the right communication and teacher.  Man has to keep many dreams and desires of his life in his mind without finding a proper place to show his inner beauty.

Amrita, who sings along with the gifts of the beautiful nature of the village, gathers firewood on the sidewalks, rivers and streams of the village.  Amrita, who is getting married on January 8, wants music to be her lifeblood.  Laxmi, who came to the house, is described as Saraswati, Amrita Magi is about to get married.

Amrita, who has studied up to master’s degree, has said that she has to fulfill the rules that have been in place for a long time.  Amrita has said that she has to leave her birth parents and family and go to another’s house even though she does not want to go.  Amrita Gary has said that she has not been able to devote full time to music as she is the eldest in the family and has to manage all the household chores.  Amrita, who sings many folk songs, says that she used to sing double songs.  Amrita, who is a non-violent force, says that she will always move forward by embracing music.

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