An emotional message to Pooja Akash to get married

Heroine Puja Sharma and hero Akash Shrestha is a favorite couple of many. While the talk of love between them is going on, their fans are very worried that they have separated again. They have a huge fan following. Who really want them to get married. But the news that some fans have gone into depression after the separation has made them very emotional.

Arriving at the promotion of a song, he was told about the feelings of the fans. They were very emotional when they heard that someone had gone into depression and that someone had even tried to give up their lives. He then vowed never to separate. But Akash and Puja expressed their commitment to be together forever as friends, saying that marriage is not the only thing for that.

Puja sometimes gets into controversy. She had recently gone to Sindhupalcho to help the flood victims. Of course, his close friend and hero Akash Shrestha also came to Sindhupalchok to help. But they did not go together. Journalist Prakash Subedi, who had brought out many things about Puja Sharma, had joined the campaign and reached out to Akash for help.

After Puja and Akash reached Sindhupalchowk for separate assistance, questions were also raised about their relationship. The question was raised after they went apart for help while saying that there is love between them. Not only that, such an atmosphere has been created after Akash joined the group of Prakash, which is very critical of worship.

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