An unseen settlement in Nepal, the last village of ilam

The more you travel in Nepal, the more power comes to your body, and there are places where you can experience new places, from where power is generated in people’s lives, Sachin Neupane, who studies social issues, tells the stories of all countries, new historical and religious places.

Even though I was able to read about it in books, I could not study Nepal, purvi blues youtube channel started showing story scenes from every place in Nepal.  A hidden path in the Ilam district, where the place is beautiful but people do not know about it, but they rarely reach it.  Beautiful greenery and pleasant scenes with tea gardens make people charming.  Salakpur, the capital of Santola, is the last village in the eastern part of Nepal.  Old houses from generations are still found here, even if it is cold when it rains, the beautiful scenery around there makes people charming.
 In Ilam, which is the choice of thousands of people, people have a lot of fun as well as entertainment.  There is a small Jhapa district in the middle of the Ilam district, and although it is surrounded by all of Elam, Jhapa is in the middle. In Santipur, the pleasant temple is surrounded by tea gardens.  Birtamod is the main commercial city of Jhapa, the various beautiful green areas of Jhapa make people’s hearts charming.  Jhapa is a place that makes people happy.
At the local level, there will be a debate about whether to keep the old customs and behavior culture in the same way or create a new way, but it is said that many people will recognize the same in order to attract tourists and preserve the old culture.  Since there is no promotion of natural gifts in Nepal, no one but the locals knows about them, Sachin started this journey to introduce the best model places of Nepal.  In Nepal, a country full of natural, cultural, and religious forms, there are places that attract the hearts of people.

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