Rabi Lamichhane’s party was registered

Rabi Lamichhane, a well-known communicator, became a long-awaited communicator, after the situation led him into politics. He started the “National Independent Party” and entered politics under its leadership. After some disagreement over whether the party’s name should be kept independent, the Election Commission recognized the “National Independent Party” and gave a bell inside the election symbol circle.

Rabi Lamichhane said that the party would publish the list of all the members in a short time as it has been recognized by the Election Commission. He had declared his supporters as “National Independent Party” on July 22 in the National Assembly. Initially, the party’s election symbol bell was placed, including people who knew 21 countries, he said. As Rabbi Lamichhane was about to register the National Independent Party, some people filed a case with the Election Commission and claimed that they would go to the Supreme Court if the Election Commission did not comply.

He has no objection to the registration of the party. “For the people to be free, once the party is registered, their right to be free will be violated,” he said. He said that these days, he is actively ringing the bells of corrupt and evil people from various places. He said he had held discussions with people from different political parties in the middle and, with people with a new vision who did not want to merge within the parties, was looking to expand the new organization.

He said that every person should have their own identity and move forward with the support of the people who have been suffering in the country and abroad. He said that although his journey was not easy, it was not impossible. He said that he will move forward with the people who are ready to take over the country. If the people you choose don’t do a good job, the people will be responsible for grabbing the bowl and bringing it back. Family feuds will be completely banned, party cadres will not be allowed to have Bhadri organization, they will have the right to become members. After Rabbi Lamichhane started his political journey by opening a new party, his fans said that Rabbi is a tiger, he should not fight with foxes, he will continue his steps as a charioteer of people’s happiness and sorrow for social change from tomorrow. .

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