Ananta Rabbi Lamichhane came into politics, says this after resigning from journalism.

After winning the hearts of people in the country and abroad in a short period of time, Rabbi Lamichhane has expressed his commitment to get involved in politics through the media to strengthen his contribution in the field of Nepali journalism and reach the parliament with his voice. “Rahar is a communicator and the situation makes him a politician. It is not my rahar, desire, revolution, rebellion, ambition,” he said. He has announced that he will hand over the program directly to the new generation and become a new generation of politics. He has requested to come to the assembly hall of Kathmandu on July 22 at 1 pm to discuss his political journey.

He said that although he did not have any petrol, food, lunch or car rental for the day, he had the leadership sought by the country and the plan to draw the blueprint it sought. Rabbi Lamichhane, who has made a name for himself in Nepali journalism in a short period of time, has been repeatedly told by his fans that he wants to be the Prime Minister. Balen Sah from Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Gopi Hamal from Dharan Sub-Metropolis and Hark Sampang from Dharan Sub-metropolis have won the local level election. If it comes, the idea that whoever wins will be won. After the independent candidate won a resounding victory, well-known journalist Rabbi Lamichhane was also in the fray for the Union and state elections.

Lamichhane also said that he would be compelled to hurry for the country and the people in case of any crisis. Instead, he is ready to raise his head, he said, adding that he would never let the masses bow their heads. Although no decision has been made on whether or not to run in the by-elections, he said, “we are in constant discussion.” If all goes well, he is sure to contest from Kathmandu Constituency No. 2. Many people from Kathmandu have announced their candidacy for the upcoming elections.

He said that Rabbi Lamichhane has not been able to fulfill the task of making the people responsible for doing politics, first he has to do what he knows and what he wants to do, and then he will continue to work. He has said that he will not fall behind in what he knows and understands. In the capital, Kathmandu, after the leader of a big party was dusted off, there was a lot of talk about an independent candidate. While struggling in the field of Nepali journalism in Nepal, Rabbi Lamichhane, who arrived in the United States to strengthen his economic path, came to Nepal with the desire to do something for his country while his business was moving forward with success.

In order to introduce himself as a Nepali citizen and to keep Nepal’s head high in the eyes of the world, he was first named in the Guinness Book of World Records for conducting the world’s longest running program. After abandoning the green card of America, the city of people’s dreams, and coming to Nepal with Nepali citizenship paying the fine again, News 24 had a program with the Prime Minister directly from Nepal. In a short time, he had gained popularity by shutting down the program and running the program “Sidha Kura Janata Sang”. From the citizens stranded in the country and abroad, to the helpless victims of the poor days, to raising the problems of the people on the streets, there was a sudden increase in the fascination of the common man towards them.

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