Angry response: Paul Shah Awarded Best Actor awarded by minister Prem Aale with pooja sharma, sudarsa

Actor Paul Sah, who was jailed for trial after the court refused to release him on bail on charges of rape, is now in the running for the Best of the Best award.  Puja Sarma, the best director of the film, and Sudarshan Thapa, the best director of the film, also won the Serbo-Christ Award for the same film.

While I was singing this song, while receiving the award for the movie 2, Surdasan and Puja Sarma, who were associated with the same movie, said that they missed Paul Sah, but the award was accepted by the jury Thakur.  Puja Sarma, who received the award, said on social media that she was as happy as having a child.  At the Booster Awards in Las Vegas in the second week of April, Ulysses Beth, the winner of the Best Award, slapped the host.

After the ceremony’s announcer, Rick Rock, joked about his wife, the agitated Wit went to the stage and slapped her.  Smith, who received the Serbo-Christ Award from King Richard’s film, has now been banned for ten years, and the violence has cost him dearly.  Many people are commenting on the social media about the award given to Paul Sah, many have said that giving the award for best acting is to protect the criminal, some are saying that Paul Sah is good.

Paul Sah and Puja Sarma, the protagonists of the movie I Sing Such a Song, received the Best Award.  Puja said that she could not hold back her tears as she entered the movie hall on March 11, the day of the movie premiere.  She is.

She said that after receiving the love of the esteemed audience, we will not face any problem even if we face any obstacle. She thanked the organizing team very much for the Award evaluation.  In the coming days, she has written that she will bring a better movie.  After actor Paul Sah received the award, many people reacted on social media to see how it affected his case in court.

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