Animals Rivalries | Lion and Hyena

There are more than 1.5 million living things on earth. None of these creatures live together. Creatures that live in this way have their own enemies. While listening to this, you must have remembered dogs and cats. Today we are singing to give information about which animal is the enemy.

First of all we are going to talk about water creatures like dolphins and SAARC. SAARC is scared when it sees dolphins. Lulfin’s skin tends to be much softer than SAARC’s. Compared to SAARC, dolphins are also more agile. The dolphin’s horizontal tail helps it swim faster. SAARC walks alone and dolphins walk in groups. The dolphin attacks the shark’s belly directly with its beak, so the shark is scared when it sees the dolphin.

The lion, also known as the king of the jungle, has enemies. The lion’s enemy is the hyena. Hyenas also attack lions because they walk in groups. The strongest part of the hyena is its teeth. These two animals attack each other’s babies to vent their anger. Since the prey of both animals is the same, these two creatures are enemies of each other.
Similarly, bees and hornets are enemies of each other. Hornets attack bees for bee honey. The war between the two is considered to be the most dangerous war of the insect race. One Japanese hornet easily kills four dozen bees. The food of bees and hornets is the juice of flowers.

The other animals that live in the water are the crocodile and the hippo. These two animals are also enemies of each other. The crocodile does not leave the prey in its mouth. Hippo runs 30 kilometers per hour out of fear. The hippo is considered a vegetarian animal. But for some years now, it has been eating meat, scientists said. They do not always eat meat, they only eat meat during the dry season.

Miracats and Drongos are also enemies of each other. While hunting, the miracats sit next to it and make a hunter’s noise. These birds make different animal sounds.
We have seen a lot of fights between dogs and cats. But the two also meet. Dogs and cats do not fight when they are raised together.

The leopard attacks Wardhart as soon as he sees it. Therefore, Wardhard is not often in front of the leopard. Similarly, there is a war between Arna and Singh.
Dumsi and leopard also fight each other. Leopards that come for hunting are afraid of the thorns of Dumsi. Giraffes and lions also fight from time to time.

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