Animals that can live after death.

There are different species on this earth and all the creatures of this Earth have their own unique and specific features. But there are also many such animals which have very unique features that amazes human beings.

Today we are going to talk about such animals which can survive for many years without having a head in them. I.e. only by the help of their body. People also eat as their food for some such species in the different parts of the country. But if these are not taken in the right way, then such species can take the lives of human beings as well.

Among these animals, Katsu ika odori-don is the one. It is also called dancing sweet in japan and many japanese restaurants serve it as a japanese food. When people put the soya sauces above it it starts to dance on the plate.

Second one is San-nakji. It behaves in the same way as the odori-don and sometimes people feel suffocation while eating them but still there are many people who enjoy eating San-nakji. 

Like above, there are many other animals on the earth who can survive for a long period after losing important parts of the body. Among them, cockroaches are one of them and they can live for a long period of time without having a head in them.These animals do not breathe through the nose and mouth like human beings. They have a unique hole in the backside of their stomach for supporting their breathing process.

Another is fruit flies and they can also live for certain periods without having a head in their body. Without having a head they can also do their certain tasks beside the living only. They also have extra minds in their body and also have unique important organs inside their body. They can also react without their eyes as well.

Scientists have also found the same features in some toads as well. Jill Fleming had found such a type of toad in one jungle while doing the research for her project. 

Another one is Turtle Heart. Turtles have a specific kind of her in their body which is very famous because of the unique feature. Because if we take the heart of a turtle outside from their body, the heart still stays alive for about 4 to 5 days with proper heart beating.

Another such species is the snake. Snakes put their venom inside their teeth and neck so even after cutting their head, they can bite and throw out their venom inside the human body. So, we should be careful even if the head is cut down because it still gets alive for about 1- 2 hours without having a head.The next one is, Zombie chicken which can live for about 18 to 20 months without having a head in it.

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