Anita Khadka daughter and Tika Sanu in the media together

Anita and Vinod are not celebrities. But now they are being discussed on social media. Because of the love that Vinod showed for his wife Anita. When Vinod was brought to the hospital, Anita did not bring him hoping to return home. They brought that whatever happens will happen in the hospital. But now his happiness is returning. Anita has started speaking slowly. She has even come to understand what others are saying.Anita and Binod were married in 1972 BS.

Even though his house was in Gulmi, Binod started living with Anita in Bhairahawa. The arrival of daughter Ahana after two years of marriage had added happiness to their lives. Life was going well. From last May, everything started to go wrong. Vinod’s plan to build a house in Butwal, send his daughter to a good school, and employ both husband and wife was thwarted.May 12 As usual, Binod Khadka was busy at work. At about five o’clock in the evening, his wife, Anita, called Binod, saying that she had an unbearable headache. Hearing Anita’s terrified voice, Vinod hurried home from work.

When she returned home, Anita was shocked. Vinod was taken to the Universal Medical College of Medical Sciences in Bhairahawa. The doctor said he had a brain haemorrhage. Anita was immediately operated on at the same hospital. After the operation, Anita had to stay in the hospital for 4 months. She was kept for 4 months but even then Anita did not fully recover.

Prolonged exposure to a ventilator caused respiratory problems. Anita began to lose weight. Unusually losing 45 kg, Anita’s weight dropped to 25 kg. During his four-month hospital stay, Binod had already spent Rs 1.8 million on his life’s work. However, Anita did not show any signs of recovery. Even after spending so much, the Universal Medical College said that treatment was not possible, so they had another problem.Relatives and acquaintances did the same thing. There were many who said, “Anita will not recover now, don’t try any more.” Anita’s condition worsened. She became unconscious. Eventually, Binod, on the advice of his relatives, stopped hoping to save Anita and took her to Gulmi.Anita’s pain increased.

Even though he did not recover, Binod brought him to Kathmandu so that he would not have to be a doctor for the rest of his life. Anita was getting weaker and weaker, her limbs had stopped moving. Anita was admitted to the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital. The hospital’s treatment had raised some hopes that Anita’s health would improve.

After some time of treatment, Anita needed therapy. They reached Kathmandu Naturopathy Hospital BasundharaEven there, Binod and Anita have spent 4 months. Vinod was taken to Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital for a throat operation after he was found to have a respiratory problem.

After a long period of treatment, Binod’s face is happy to see the change in his wife’s health. Anita has also started moving her arms and legs and smiles with the people who come to visit her. She has been sitting for 2-4 minutes while applying the ades.

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