Anju pant and Rachana Rimal controversy about, nabirse timilae song: shiva pariyar explain full detail

Famous singer Anju Pant’s introductory song, Nabirse Timilai Na Paaye Timilai Ghazal, lyricist Bipin Kiran, music car is Mahesh Khadka. The song, which was first released in the voice of Anju Pant, was very popular in the music market. Pant’s introduction to this song is a favorite song of many viewers, so she has been able to sing this song at national and international level festivals.

After releasing the song in the new version, after the dispute that the name of the old singer was not mentioned, the lyricist Bipin Kiran has added the link of the old song to make Anjun Pant happy. Popular singer Shiva Pavpariyar has written on Rachna Rimal’s Facebook, commenting that Rachna Baini should take the name of the old artist when singing a song that has been recorded before. He said that many have come. Pariyar has said that there is nothing wrong with you in this song.

Anju, who has been involved in songwriting for a long time, has made a name for herself. After her relationship with lyricist Bipin Kiran broke down, she stopped naming him. Therefore, the same song is said to have been recorded in the voice of new singer Rachna Rimal. In the newly recorded song, the names of Anju Pant and Jagdis Hamal, who sang before Yash, were not mentioned and the song could not be sung like Anju Pant, creating division. Anju Pant and Dhir Koirala went to the US to attend a concert a year after their marriage, but they have not returned to Nepal yet.

Anju Pant, who has sung many songs, is living in the United States and now there is speculation that she will not return to Nepal. Anju said that she has been working in the US for some time, but she has also recorded some songs. Even though Nepal Online has asked her if she can stay in the US, Dhir Koirala has said that she has stayed in the US for work and will return to Nepal after work. Although the Nepali celebrity used to stay in the United States, she said that she would return to Nepal after finishing her work.

Anju Pant, when she was in America, when her song was released in a new version, when she was not able to respond immediately to the controversy, she said, “I’m sorry, I love all the singers and the audience. Saying that it is unfair not to mention the name of the singer, he raises the issue of whether one artist is going to forget the respect given to another artist in the future. Has written.

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