Anju Pant couple revealed their honeymoon trip and green card

In the program aired by Prime Times HD, famous singer Anju Pant and Thir Koirala said that after marriage, after going to Elam, they went to America for honeymoon, after 6 months, they came to Nepal and started fighting. Anju said that after they met in the course of work, they respected and trusted each other and got married after 5 years of meeting. Anju Pant said that since Thir had already brought a green card, she also brought a green card so that it would be easier for her daughter to study in the future.

Anju has said that she has sung 50-60 songs while staying in America, and she has also sung Hindi Urdu ghazals. Thir says that Anju’s habit of thinking for others is very good. The song “Timro Roopko Bernan” is being prepared in collaboration with popular singer Melody Queen Anju Pant and writer, journalist, social activist Thir Koirala. It is said that the song in the voice of Anju Pant, the song composed by Naveen Karki will be made public from Anju Pant’s YouTube channel. He said that this couple who came to Nepal from America after a long time, their stay there was good, now they are doing well even after coming to Nepal.

He said that Nepali literature has received very good response in America as well, he said that he feels very good. This couple, who went to America after one year of marriage, said that they have been roaming in America like honeymooners. Even though he is in America, because there are many Nepali studios, he said that he enjoyed being like a Nepali there. He said that there is a difficult time in life, at a time when we are affected by various things, starting from Covid. He said that even though many of Thir’s works were his own, after the time he went there, he added one song after another, and after finishing all the work, he said that the time of his stay in America was increasing.

Pant said that she was very happy when her songs became trading number 1 for a long time, and even now, getting success in one project after another adds a lot of energy to her. She told Thir Le Anju that it takes a long time to do any work and choose it. He said that he likes Anju Pant’s voice in all kinds of songs, and that he thinks that they are two lucky couples when they get married. He said that because two people respect each other’s work, two people understand each other, their lives are going well.

Anju and Thir have two children, Gyani, because the union is good, everyone lives together and they are happy with the same family. A new song of Anju Pant and Dhir Koirala, who are enjoying in the world of Nepali song music, has been prepared. Anju Pant, who has made her own identity by competing in song music for a long time, after achieving success in one song after another, is now at the top of the discussion, now her songs are loved by people of all generations. There is a different kind of message in his songs, which is working to fascinate the audience.

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