This is a Promo cut from Himilayan Tv. In this show Anju panta and Thir koirala sang a song together for each other. They are just new cople who got married just like 1-2 months ago. Singer Anju Pant, who is getting married for the second time to her boyfriend Thir Koirala, has made it a point to fall in love with her husband. In the song ‘Dherai Maya Nadeu Malai’ sung by herself, she has made a tick by feeding from her husband’s hand.

Singer Panta got married to Koirala from Ilam on Wednesday at a church in Patan between family members of both the parties and close relatives.
Also, the video of the first song “Ma Ma Re Ra” released after the marriage of singer Pant has been made public in the market. Singer Anju Pant’s song has been made public after she got married.

Singer Pant had severed ties with singer and musician Manoj Raj a decade ago. They have a daughter (Paritoshika Pant. She has also entered the modeling field. It is said that the singer got married for the second time at the special request of her daughter).

Popular singer Anju Pant is married today with Thir. Singer Pant was split from singer and musician Manoj Raj a decade ago. Anju, who has been living with her daughter Paritoshika since then, had said that she had thought of getting married a few months ago due to her daughter’s pressure.

Though it was planned to get married in January, it is understood that the wedding could not take place on that date due to various reasons. Happy marriage to Anju and Thir.

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