Anmol and Niti’s combination in the movie X9, which is being made on an expensive budget so far

Recently, Neeti Sah, who is very popular, is going to appear as a pair with her school friend Anmol Kesi in the movie x9, she has already signed for the movie. She wanted to be Anmol or Pradeep in the first movie, her dream is going to be fulfilled by x9. Anmol KC will start shooting for this movie after completing the shooting of Chhadke 2. It is said that the shooting of the movie will start from Canada after November. Anmol has said that he is currently busy preparing for the movie x9.

It is said that actors like Saugat Malla, Pusp Khadka, Anup Bikram Sahi, Arpan Thapa and others will participate in this movie. He is of the opinion that he will continue his work in a way that will win the hearts of the audience and will always win the hearts of the audience. She says that her talent has brought success in one project after another. She has said that even though she has been offered many films in recent times, she used to read the script and leave the film if she did not like it. She said that in the project that she likes, she always works as per the demand of the story.

The movie halls which were closed during the lockdown are now starting to open, now the black actors are constantly fighting in their areas. With their hard work, there is talk that the film industry will rise. In the preparation of the new movie x9 which is going to be made, Anmol and other new actors will be seen. When a Kalakar is not seen in their area, common citizens want to know about Kalakar. In life, people struggle with different moments and move forward.

A new storyline has been made into a movie, because the comedy has been adapted from the actors’ performances, and has touched the story of real people. Manab will find everything inside the movie. Kalakarita is an art that shows the art in people, she was seen in her field for a long time. For most people, their work is the most important thing. They are equally involved in their hobbies along with household chores. Every job is equally important for a person. Movie x9 will show a habit of a person’s life. People will learn a positive lesson as well as entertainment from the movie x9, he said. They said that it will be a new kind of different movie.

It is said that the story of the society will be presented as a mirror, many black actors are not seen in Yash movie as different characters. Comedian McCurry can also be seen in Yash movie, he said that the movies he played in were stopped due to filming. He said that he was unable to tell his first movie. He says that the movie was made by covering the stories of many people in the society. People are enjoying their work as much. She said that she lived her life happily after going through a lot of pain in her life. Which is pulling their future towards a bright future. Not everyone gets the life as people think.

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