Anmol kc and suhana thapa conversation

Actors like Jharna Thapa, Sunil Thapa, Anmol Ke Su, Suhana Thapa and others who have been involved in the Nepali film industry for a long time are playing important roles. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

At a time when Nepali movies are lagging behind, Indian movies have found a good market, which is why many people are saying that Nepali movies are not playing. Many people are worried that the film will be damaged, but Anmol said that the film will run because he has full faith in his viewers and fans.

Jharna Thapa said that she was confident that her film would be liked by the audience as she had made a film accordingly and demanded that Nepali films should be brought to the market. Sunil said that he presented the role of the emerging artist in Taylor while respecting the elder artist while bringing 4 minutes of Taylor to the market.

In the confrontation between Nepali film and Indian film, he said that he is confident that Nepali viewers will like Nepali film. Jharna said that she is confident of moving forward by loving the film industry. As farmers are superior to Nepalis, they should not be afraid, said Anmol.

As 30 million Nepalis are monitoring the study of Nepali language and culture, love for Nepal and Nepali people has been with everyone, Bhuvan KC has said that he is confident of loving Nepali movies. He has said that he has filled the matter in himself. According to the cast, the team of A Mero Hazur 4 is confident that the audience will like the Nepali language culture film made in Nepal more than the Indian film made with a lot of investment.

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