Another heartbreaking picture in India, wife body on a bicycle

The condition of the infected is critical due to lack of oxygen in the hospital and the number of deaths is increasing day by day. In almost all states of India, infected people are dying due to lack of oxygen, In this hour of crisis, neighbors and relatives have refused to shoulder the body.

One heartbreaking picture after another has surfaced in India, where the corona has taken the form of an epidemic. Two days ago, the image of the woman’s last-ditch effort to save her husband made everyone cry. She had tried to give oxygen by mouth to her husband who was at risk due to lack of oxygen. But her husband died.

After the death of his wife, the man lost his neighbors and relatives. No one dared to touch his body. With no help for his wife’s funeral, the men rode their bodies on bicycles. The incident took place in Amberpur village of Madihu Kotwali region of India.

Tilakdhari Singh wife Raj Kumari died at the age of 56. He died at the district hospital. The body was taken to Tilakdhari village by ambulance. Neighbors refused to help with the funeral. Faced with such a situation, Tilakdhari saw no other way out. He decided to bury his wife alone on a bicycle.

He put his wife’s body on his bicycle and tried to go to the river. But even that effort was very difficult for him. Upon receiving the information, the police rushed to the spot and assisted him. Police put the body in a vehicle and took it to the cremation ground. He did not even have money for the funeral. The police also gave money.

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