Another thunderclap in the family of singer Tika Sanu.

Singer Nisant BK, who has been very popular in the Nepali music industry recently, has suffered a huge shock in his family. Singer Tika Sanu’s nephew Nisant Ka’s father fell from Bhir, after being unconscious for a few days, now he has regained consciousness and is being treated in Nepalgunj, now he has come to the media because of financial problems. Now a special initiative has been taken for his treatment by raising joint support.

Nisant’s father, who used to entertain people by singing songs in folk songs, said that after falling from a mountain while going to cut grass in the village, he stopped moving below the waist. He said that now that the operation has to be done immediately, he asked for the social network after he was in financial trouble. The team of Robin Lamichhane, who has created a distinct identity in the field of Nepali folk singing, has taken the initiative to support him. The artists have said that they will continue to work for the treatment of the father of Nisanth, an artist who is emerging in the field of Nepali art.

Singer Tika Sanu, who rose to fame with the program Indreni, the mother of language, culture, culture and civilization, has been in the limelight lately. Tika, who has been winning the hearts of the audience by arranging live repetitions, is known as a successful comedian. She said that there will be ups and downs in life, and it has brought about a great change in people’s lives. Tika, who always entertains the audience with her voice, has now started acting in comedy TV series as well.

Singer Tika Sanu, who has been gaining a lot of attention from her live performances, is a singer who has come into much discussion in recent times. Tika has a lot of fans in the country and abroad, she got a lot of attention in one live performance after another, so that Tika was reaching the peak of success. Rejoicing with joy and happiness, Tika, who is moving forward with her life, says that because she has suffered a lot in her life, the appearance of others seems to be her own pain. Tika, who was born in a Samanya family, says that even now tears come to her eyes when she remembers the moment when her mother went abroad to support the household expenses.

The direct Lok Dohori Sangh has also been selected, in which Rabin Lamichhane, who is universally preferred in the field of Nepali Folk Dohori, has been elected unopposed. It seems that the organization has been working for the rights and rights of black people to remove the distortions that have occurred in the Dohori area in recent times. Rabin Lamichhane said that the officers of the organization have been elected with the participation of senior artists of Nepali folk singing. The general secretary said that all the officials of the organization have moved forward together, in the situation where the black and whites are scattered, by joining in one place and playing a positive role, the organization has expanded. If there is no aspect of distinguishing right from wrong in any field, there will be negative tendencies in it as well.

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