Another victim from the Srijana Wagle group, in a special headline

Human rights activists has grown alarmingly. Those who are in trouble from the same group are now appearing in the media every day. After the video of artist Kishor Khatiwada and her boyfriend Laxmi Gadal getting into trouble and bargaining with them for money became public, many people have gone public saying that we are in the same problem. A woman named Kalpana KC has also come to the media saying that she was cheated by Laxmi Gadal and asked for Rs 1 million from Kishor Khatiwada.

Her husband Sundar Kumar KC has been in custody for five months. Kalpana says that Narayan Poudel and his wife Anju got into trouble together. In the video, Kalpana has said that Srijana Wagle, who calls herself a woman human rights activist, has also participated in the group. Laxmi Gadal said that after telling the truth about them, she also got the courage to reveal about them.

He said that he was yet to get Rs 1.5 million from Narayan Poudel and that he would give the land in return for the same money. Kalpana says that when she went with him, Kalpana’s husband accused her of committing immoral acts. Kalpana Gadal was also called by a woman named Anju. Your husband is with me. I was the wife of Kishor.

Before Kalpana, Ram Kumar Khatri, a former army officer, had also gone public saying that he was going to court for sending a bad message to Anju. Kalpana, former Army Ram Kumar Khatri and Laxmi Gadal have been involved in the same group. He said that human rights activist Sirjana Wagle was also among them.

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