Ansika Sharma (Miss Universe Nepal 2020)

In 2020, Miss Universe Nepal was crowned by Nepal’s daughter Ansika Sharma. Today we are going to give some information about Ansika and the journey to Miss Universe.

Born in Jhapa district of Nepal, Ansika was brought up in Kathmandu. She went to Australia to study higher education. After completing her higher education in Australia, she returned to Nepal. Immigrants have been the choice of many Nepali youths. But she did not fall into that trap. After spending five and a half years in Australia, she made Miss Universe Nepal her strong platform while returning to Nepal. Where she has taken her personality development to a higher level.

From an early age, she learned to help others. She said that she has returned to Nepal to fulfill the spirit of service that she has been steadfast since childhood. Miss Universe Nepal has supported her aspiration. While being crowned Miss Universe, she has won Rs 1 million in cash. But she does not value the conquest of material things. She is preparing to open a foundation with that cash prize. Within a month, she opened a foundation in Jhapa with the cash she won at Miss Universe and the support of her family. She is currently teaching 13 students through the same foundation.

Ansika, who studied IT in Australia, chose Nepal because she has seen many opportunities in Nepal. She says Nepal is an open forum. In his view, even though there is no development in Nepal, the people here are capable on their own.SHe thinks that settling in Australia has created an environment for him to create some opportunities in Nepal. Due to this thinking, she has left her studies in Australia and returned to Nepal. She emphasizes that everyone’s life, thoughts and dreams should be different and life should move forward according to their dreams.

Ansika was crowned Miss Universe, leaving behind about 500 participants. She said that this success was due to the support of her family. She says that she got involved in this field to fulfill the dream of her mother who got married at an early age and took the responsibility of the family.

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