Are actor Pal Shah and Riyasa Dahal really in love?

Ryasa Dahal to be the model and heroine who is gathering discussion above. Lately, she has shared a very beautiful photo, where she looks as beautiful as a flower. Check out some more photos of her from social media.

Riyasa, who does not aim to become a heroine, she is thinking of acting in a film if she has a suitable role. She is equally active on social media. Graduate in Management, she has been working on music videos lately. After appearing in one music video after another, her discussion has increased a lot.

She has acted in many short films along with Jivesh Gurung in this channel which makes videos on contemporary issues. Even though their couple is on leave due to some heartache, there is no shortage of talk about her. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Riyasa. Riyasa Dahal from Kathmandu is a talent born through the YouTube channel titled ‘College Nepal’.

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