Arju Rana’s move comes out, UML’s 24 treasonous endings, Yogesh’s plan to open a brothel in Narayani Hiti

Saying that there is no leader in Nepal who is not a development lover, Bal Krishna Neupane, the campaigner of Nepali Campaign for Nepal, has opened the door for all the leaders and activists of the country.  He said that no action would be positive. He said that all the leaders who gave false assurances that the country would be developed were agents of foreign countries and did not reveal their grievances.  According to him, Neupane is of the opinion that the UML should not be trusted to kill the country.

UML leader Yogesh Bhattarai has said that the gift given by the king to the Communist Party of Nepal (Nepal) to Narayani Hiti is about to be turned into a bastion.  According to him, people close to him used to walk around eating money while wearing clothes.  He said that he used to sell places of religious and historical significance for his own benefit.  He said that it has been shown till now.

He said that there is no possibility of development of the country from the artists who are carrying false slogans that Nepal should be made prosperous.  He said that he played the role of an artist when he did not do it.  He said that development and change of the country was not possible. He also said that Prem Ale had acted out the incident.

He said that the people should be ready to get out of jail and not to be jailed.  Neupane said that he had made an agreement with Batas for money. He said that he was ready to sell the leaders of Nepal and his mother for his own interests.  He said that his team is interested in how to build development by taking the society in an educated way.

He said that the wife of Nepali Congress President and Prime Minister Ser Bahadur Deuba was the agenda of the United States.  He said that the historical assets of Nepal have been snatched away by the leaders of the Communist Party of Nepal.  He said that since the people have understood the actions of the leaders of Nepal, now the people will be actively involved in nation building.sdec `

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