Arjun and Kajish meet Paul Shah in jail 25 times shares views in media

A special interview has been conducted with director, choreographer Kazish Shrestha and cinematographer Arjun Tiwari, who are behind the scenes and bringing the best music videos to the market. Paul Sah’s close friends are donating blood on Saturday. As Paul Sah is not only a hero but also a social worker, he said that he is going to donate blood because he is a man with a great idea who works positively in the society.

He said that since he is a close friend of Paul Shah who met him 25 times in jail and also talked to him on the phone, he will do his best to save a good man. Paul Sah, who has been continuously struggling in social service, said that he would not let the disgrace of Paul Sah go down in the society and when his life is in doubt for not getting blood, if the blood can save his life, he said that he wants to save it. Arjun said that there is a blood donation program from 10 am to 2 pm.

Arjun has said that after Paul Sah is released from prison, he will continuously bring music videos to the market. Qazis said that even though Paul Sah did not get time outside, inside the prison he used to read the script to his friends, and he used to go to the gym to keep himself fit. Arjun said that he can watch TV even though he can’t use Facebook on his mobile inside, so he gets to know a lot of things outside. Qazis said that Paul Sah was kept in the same way as all other prisoners.

Qazis said that sometimes he would go alone to meet Paul Sah and sometimes he would go with his friends to find out about the news of Paul. As Paul Sah is a person who contributes to the society, he has said that the lack of him has been continuous in the society. Given and, there is a legal provision to file a complaint within one year of the incident, based on that, Paul Sah was sent to prison for preliminary investigation after a minor filed a case against Paul Sah.

It is mentioned in the law of Nepal that he will be imprisoned for 2 and a half years because he was found guilty of the crime of child sexual abuse by the Juvenile District Court. He is incarcerated in District Jail Tanahu as another case of rape is pending in Tanahu. In the full text of the decision of the Nawalpur District Court, which was prepared on Thursday, it is mentioned that Paul cannot be found guilty in the rape case because the victim girl changed her statement. On February 11, a complaint was filed against Paul Shah at the District Police Office, Tanahun, on the charge of rape, and on February 15, another complaint was filed in Nawalpur on the same charge.

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