Art of Giving is Art of Living. Buddhist philosophy. Daana paramita .. Dr. yogi vikashananda. manokranti

What a person earns in life does not work for him, a person who has a lot of wealth, intellect, ability to work, whatever he earns, it works for others, he does not work for himself. The more a person gives to others, the richer he becomes, and the more he tries to protect himself, the more he becomes miserable. Givers are always getting richer and borrowers are getting poorer day by day. Just like our country Nepal is also trying to develop Nepal by taking money from others, but Nepali citizens are becoming poorer day by day.

If a person pursues his work with an open mind without any greed in life, he will become just as happy and rich. People are taking various steps to be happy in life. People want happiness in life, so that they can live their life in a different way, people want to make money in life, they want to be selfless, they want to live life in a different way. But the reason behind all this is that he wants to be happy, in most places he is not happy, he is struggling day and night for happiness and is moving forward. What is most needed in human life is happiness, man is wandering for happiness.


Man is wasting his time by putting his hard work in the wrong place, so that he is not able to be happy in life. People want to earn money just to be happy, to be happy, they want to earn wealth, honor, dignity. Man is serving the society to be happy, whenever he wants to be selfless, all these things are being done by man for the same purpose that he wants to be happy in life. Human life is so full of struggles that Yafna is constantly traveling to bring him a happy spring. Struggle should be inevitable in human genes, happiness cannot be found by searching for something, to be happy man has to present his intellectual capacity in the right way.

Dr. Yogi Vikashanand says that human beings are stepping forward for happiness, children are enjoying themselves by playing, scholars are happy by reading and acquiring knowledge, criminals are happy by seeing the evidence of crime. It doesn’t matter when a person hurts others, if he is happy, he will reach him. In human life, he is running various initiatives to make himself happy. In order to live life, man spends his time in various activities, from which he gets happy spring in his life. Man spends all his time for happiness. Happiness is something that is working to make a person’s face smile by producing a chemical in life.

Man finds happiness even when he chooses a different path, man finds happiness even by committing heinous crimes like murder, violence and rape. Even though he has committed a crime by choosing a different destination, he is doing it to be happy in life. Man never knows that the thing he is looking for all over the world is within himself, the thing he is looking for in the world is within the eternal man, but man has never searched for the thing within himself. When people start looking for what they have, they start to lose it. If a person is satisfied with what he has, he will try harder to find that he is happier, and he will lose what he has.

As man searches for what is inside him, that thing is also disappearing. Man seeks that which is not within himself, if he begins to search for that which is within him, man is getting more and more lost, man finds happiness even while sitting under a tree. People give birth to children for happiness and get married, which makes them even sadder. Man’s life becomes a corpse when he does not understand happiness. Buddha left the palace for fun and found happiness at the foot of a mosquito tree. Why can’t a person enjoy looking at someone, happiness comes from the chemical inside him.

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