Arthur gunn in the top seven of American Idol

Divesh Pokhrel i.e. Arthur guun has managed to reach the top seven of American Idol this time as
well. In the previous participation, he could not get the first place, but this time his goal is to
reach the first place. Arthur guun was the favorite contestant in American Idol 2020. For this, he
needs as many votes as possible. Therefore, he has reached out to the top seven through his
Facebook Live and now Nepalis living all over the United States are requested to vote for him in
the top five. Other countries do not allow him to vote.

Judges have praised Arthur for his singing talent. The judges have liked him because he sings any
song in his own way. Everyone has their own style. However, the judge said that it was very
difficult to stay in one’s style and attract others. He sang the rock band’s song in his unique
performance on Monday, April 19. All the judges stood up and applauded in his presentation. He
also praised Divesh for being a good performer.

Born in Kathmandu, Nepal, Divesh graduated from high school in Kathmandu. After finishing
high school, he followed his family to the United States. Bivas, who has been interested in music
since childhood, felt that his musical future was bright with his entry into the United States.
When he was in Nepal, he used to sing the songs he heard on TV and radio. Her mother gave her
a guitar as a gift because of her passion for music. Today, he has managed to enter the top seven
of American Idol for the second time with his mother playing all three guitars. This time, his
goal is to become the winner of American Idol. His goal will be achieved only after getting more
votes. To vote for him, you can go to your mobile inbox and text Tex 7 to 21523. This can be
done by logging in to American Idol’s website or by downloading American Idol’s app. There is
a provision that a person can vote up to 10 times from the app or website.

Growing up in Nepal, Divesh Pokhrel’s musical name is Arthur guun. It was the first time he had
heard country music since arriving in the United States. Impressed by this, Vibhas has taken
American Idol as a great platform for himself. In the previous participation, he was discussed
from the United States to Nepal and other countries. Everyone expected him to win American
Idol. This time again, he has got a chance to make himself the winner of American Idol. He has
to work hard for this opportunity and also needs the support of Nepalis in the United States.

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