Artist couple from USA comes Nepal to meet Paul Shah, the incident made the couple like this.

Today’s headline in Nepal is with presenter Sanjib Regmi, who has been involved in the Nepali art field for a long time.  Hundreds of thousands of young people have come to Nepal for film promotions, to share the joys and sorrows of everyone else, now known as the king of music videos.

Jodi said that they are confident that the audience will like the movie as it is a powerful movie.  He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.  The couple, who got married at an early age, said that no matter how hard they work in Nepal, they have not been able to make ends meet.  Anusia says she cursed when she applied for another country before the United States.

He said that many people are suffering because of the two good artists, the habit of cutting each other’s legs in Nepal and the law and order, people are watching.  Anusiya and Dhurbaraj say that they are in unbearable pain now while in jail.  Dhurbaraj said that tears have been shed in the eyes of tens of thousands of people who are now in prison, while the real hero of the common man, Paul, is in grief.  Dhurbaraj has said that the moment when he did not even have money to have lunch with him, when he reached this place with a lot of hard work, he was brought here by the evil eye of a person who could not see that it was good.

“Paul’s habitual behavior has led him to a lot of progress. People are going through different kinds of problems in his life. He is trying to find a new way to overcome these problems,” he said.  Paul, who has played not only music videos but also many movies, is known to him by social services.  The moment he was playing with grief, he was now the charioteer of other people’s grief, which is why when he is in grief, many people are waiting for him to be called justice.

Different elements in a person’s life are teaching different things, which are changing the way of life of a person.  Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.  Paul, who has been the charioteer of human happiness and sorrow, has been a major figure in music videos and movies lately, which is why there was no show where he did not get Arwad.  According to Anusiyab, he had to stay in jail today as he was trying to make a name for himself by working together with pure feelings.

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