Artists’ association investigating Durgesh and others, claiming that those who killed the character will not be left

Paul Sah, who has made a name for himself in the field of Nepali art, has been divided and many people have been expressing their views for and against him. Rabindra Khadka, the central president of the Nepal Film Association, has put forward his views while Paul Sah, who has made a name for himself in the Nepali film industry, is in a dilemma. Khadka said that it has given a bad message to the society when there is a division in the place where all the filmmakers have to go together.

Khadka said that Paul Sah was a well-thought-out person and that there were many people who liked his work. Khadka said that the team including Durgesh would also be investigated. Known as the king of Nepali film industry and music video, popular in the minds of millions of Nepali viewers, actor Paul Sah, the star of Nepali art field, emerging singer review officer in Nepali song music has been struggling in his field lately. She is bringing another song to the market.

After the media started to be very divisive about Paul Sah and Samiksha, the review and Paul Sah did not ask himself, saying that he was trying to defame by bringing false things in the market, they said. After Paul Sah’s disagreement, the jealous team accused him of making various accusations to discredit him. The reviewer also said that he had been a fan of Paul Sah since he was a child and had learned a lot from him, but there was no connection between him and Paul Sah. .

Coming to Tiktok Live, the reviewer said that she had asked for crores of rupees and that Paul Sah had tried to discredit her by saying that she had not said anything while lying. Samiksha herself did not say that all these things were false and that they were just two close friends. At one time Paul Sah’s good man, a review saying that they have nothing to do with love, how many times she has been saying that she is in a relationship. There has been a long-running feud between the protagonist Paul Sah and the reviewing officer, which has led many to say they are in a relationship, while others have been rumored.

Paul Sah is an artist who has made his dream come true in the Nepali film industry. All the movie music videos he has acted in have received good response in the market. Paul Sah said that the audio that went viral on social media was from 9-10 months ago and that the team was preparing to deceive him. According to Paul Sah, six audio recordings have been made public saying that the Facebook plan is one or two.

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